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Security Guards for Jewelry Stores- A Solution to Smash & Grab Thieves in Houston

Jewelry shop robberies have now become more of an everyday occurrence in Houston Texas.  Jewelry stores usually carry the most amount of money per meter squared compared to other types of shops. jewelry store security services houston Simply put a tiny jewelry store at the corner shop could be housing gems worth thousands of dollars.  High value goods, coupled with minimal staff required at jewelry stores makes them the perfect prey for the robbers.  The robbers nowadays are becoming more and more daring with some of them going to extreme lengths just to part you and your jewelry.  Smash and grab is by far the most common tactic used by the thieves in the Houston area. Some of them will go as far as using a mallet to break into your store while others will simply reverse their car into it. Other daring thieves will pose themselves as customers only to pull out their nasty surprise in the end.  The increased prevalence of the robberies needs not to cause you sleepless nights as there is a very efficient way to counteract it.

Jewelry store security services offer a cost effective solution to this menace. Peace of mind, security and a serene business environment comes at to the top of the list for any businessman or businesswoman wants. Security guards provide security for your clients, your jewelry not forgetting yourself and the employees. Stores without security guards are more vulnerable to attacks than the ones enjoying the jewelry store security services. The security guards can benefit you in a number of ways.

Centron Security Services of Houston offers highly skilled security guards. They train their guards to think like thieves hence giving them a clear insight on the physiology of the smash & grab robbers. Through their intelligence acquired over years of experience, they are able to detect new crime waves and therefore act proactively. Centron Security offers patrol services as well. Patrol services enable them to gather new intelligence and to establish the methods used by the thieves to break in. Having forearmed themselves with such critical information they are able to know on how best to prepare themselves for counter attacks in case of a break in. Through their alarm response service they are able to alert nearby security guards and even the police within seconds.

I guess by now you must be thinking that the services are out of reach for many.  These cutting edge solutions need not cost you the earth as the prices are pocket friendly.  When analyzing the prices charged it is important to start by asking yourself how much your piece of mind is worth. Centron Security offer flexible tailor made solutions for all their client needs. The presence of guards in your jewelry store presents other cost saving opportunities such as reduced insurance premiums as the underwriters consider the risk as being mitigated.  Engaging jewelry stores security services relieves you of the security woes whilst giving you peace of mind so as to concentrate on the core business needs.

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