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What Makes a Great Security Company?

If you’re about to hire a security company you should stop and ask yourself, “what makes a great security company?” I think that most will arrive at one simple answer, the people.

The person that you hire for security will be interacting with you, your patrons, clients, or even residents depending upon the venue.  It is very important that each and every contact the guard has with these people is professional and courteous.

Centron Security Only Employees Quality, Professional Men and Women

When you hire Centron Security, you get quality, professional security services because we employ quality, professional people. We start by choosing the right officers and follow up with intensive training. No matter what type of security you need, you’ll receive personalized service and direct contact with management. Everyone, all the way from our security guards to our supervisors, works together to prevent, detect, and deter criminal activity on your premises. We combine face-to-face attention with years of experience to create specific, successful security programs.

Before you hire a security service just purely based on cost, consider Centron Security Services.  Because security is so much more than just a budget item, it could be your life.

Centron Security offers complimentary security consultation.  Please call Jeffery Singletary today at 281-664-1297.  Centron Security is located in Houston at 12337 Jones Rd Suite #111, Houston, TX 77070