Monthly Archives: February 2014

Auto Dealership Security

Just last week, thieves took off with over 88 wheels and tires from the DeMontrond dealership in Texas City.  Over $100,000 was taken.  Prior to that, Cook Ford on Palmer Highway was hit as well as the DeMontrond in North Houston.  This kind of theft seems to be on the rise in the area.  Police are even concerned that this is some sort of organized crew that is actively seeking out and targeting the next dealership to hit.

Auto Dealership Security has suddenly become a big topic!  Many dealerships have the usual lighting, gates, and camera set ups but these thieves are actually disarming the systems leaving the entire lot open to their whims.  One simple solution that could easily be implemented is to hire a professional security service to provide on site security services during the over night and weekend times when they are closed.

Most times, just seeing the security guard on site is enough to deter criminals from even giving your dealership another thought.  On site security is such a small price to pay vs walking in and finding half the cars on your lot with out wheels.

Call Centron Security today for a complimentary security consultation.  We can help create a security strategy for your dealership that is effective in deterring criminals.

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