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Retail Security Importance

Retail Security is important for two reasons.  First it provides a safe shopping environment for your clients.  Secondly, it helps to deter and reduce in store theft.

A Safe Environment for Clients, Outdoors

This is probably the number one reason that retailers contact us for security services in Houston.  They want to make sure that their clients are safe both indoors and outdoors.  Retail security begins in the parking lot with mobile patrols.  Security officers patrol the parking area looking for anything that might seem out of place.  They keep an eye on people as they enter and exit the store.  They watch over vehicles that are parked at the business.  Often just the mere presence of a patrol officer on site is enough to deter would-be criminals.  They opt to move along to another location with out security presence.

A Safe Environment for Clients, Indoors

Not only is it important to secure the outside of your store, but inside as well.  A security officer on foot inside the store is a great way to make your customers feel secure.  Take for example a jewelry store in the Galleria.  How would you like to be showing one of your best clients an array of expensive jewelry when walks thru the door a group of people, that just looks out of place.  Wouldn’t that situation feel much more secure with a security officer at the door?  Couldn’t a security officer at the door prevent such an event from even occurring in the first place?  Possibly it would.  Several jewelry merchants at the Galleria have fallen victim to smash and grab thieves in the past year or so.  Was there security on site?  I bet not.

A Reduction in Theft

The number one result in having security on site?  Reduction in theft.  Plain and simple.  A security prescience in your store will reduce theft.  A good security service will work in conjunction with your asset protection associates to help develop a customized loss prevention program.  They will help you identify how losses are occurring, make suggestions to help you minimize future losses, and will deter and detect suspects.

Free Retail Security Consultation

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