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Now Hiring: Armed Security Patrol Supervisor in Houston

Centron Security  is now hiring Armed Security Patrol Supervisor in Houston, Texas.

Purpose of Classification:

Supervises and coordinates the activities and personnel of assigned area to maintain security and safety of people and property. Conducts briefings and coordinates training and special assignments.

Example of Duties:

– Supervises the activities of subordinates.

– Conducts briefings at the start of new shifts to inform Security Officers of pertinent information regarding campus and safety/ security matters.

– Patrols assigned areas on foot, checking for fires, vandalism, suspicious activity or persons or safety/fire hazards.

– Investigates and/or reports hazards and unusual or suspicious circumstances to campus police unit for correction or follow-up actions; maintains contact with campus police.

– Checks doors and windows of buildings to assure they are tightly closed and locked; notes in written log any unlocked doors/windows; submits information to supervisor.

– Observes activity and traffic in assigned area to enforce university rules/regulations; alerts visitors of infractions; removes unwanted or disruptive visitors from university property.

– Reviews reports from subordinates for completeness and activity needing follow-up; provides written and oral reports to supervisor.

– Responds to alarms and dispatched calls; decides what actions to take based on situation, facts known and position limitations.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

– Knowledge of supervisory practices and principles.

– Knowledge of security and fire inspection procedures and practices.

– Skill in observing situations and decision making.

– Skill in dealing courteously with the public.

– Ability to effectively communicate.

Minimum Requirments:

* 5 years security experience
or 2 years Law Enforcement
or 2 years of Military

* Must be available to work any shift and flexible when needed on a moment’s notice.

* Must have reliable transportation

* Must be Armed

* Must have a great attention to detail

* Must be organized

* Must have good leadership qualities

* Must be able to take on task alone and with other team members and see the task through to completion

* Must also be able to report back to management in an articulate and competent manner.

About Centron Security Inc.:

Centron is a Professional Security company who takes pride in the quality and effective security services we provide to our clients.

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