Apartment Complex Security Guards

By | March 19, 2014

Manage a security complex in Houston?  Need to hire security guards?  Contact Centron Security today.  We supply professional apartment complex security guards to many different areas of Houston.  Providing adequate security makes good business sense and a relatively crime-free property is good for business.

Say Goodbye to Vandals, Drugs, and Thugs!

Our security guards are specially trained to protect your property and its residents.  Say good bye to vandals, drugs, and thugs! Our patrol officers will make their presence known to all.  Just the mere sight of a patrol officer is often enough to deter crime. But when stronger action is warranted rest assured our guards will act professionally and diffuse even the pernicious situations.

Apartment Patrols

What we look for:

  • mischievous persons
  • improperly parked vehicles
  • vandals
  • gang  activity
  • safety issues

Armed or Unarmed Guards- What’s Right for Your Complex?

We can place armed or unarmed officers at your complex.  The choice is yours depending on the particular complex and location.  We would be glad to come to your property and provide you with a no-obligation site survey to help you determine the best plan of action.

Providing adequate security for apartment complexes is a process that attacks the very core of criminal activity. A good security plan is designed to permanently integrate into the daily routine of property management.

Click here to learn more about:  Apartment Complex Security Options

Formulate your security plan today.  Contact Centron Security today; Call Jeffery Singletary today at 281-664-1297.

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