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Security Guards for Jewelry Stores- A Solution to Smash & Grab Thieves in Houston

Jewelry shop robberies have now become more of an everyday occurrence in Houston Texas.  Jewelry stores usually carry the most amount of money per meter squared compared to other types of shops.  Simply put a tiny jewelry store at the corner shop could be housing gems worth thousands of dollars.  High value goods, coupled with… Read More »

Houston Security Services

Houston Security Services by Centron Security With more than 20 years of law enforcement and security experience serving Houston and the surrounding areas,  Centron Security places a full range of security services at your disposal combined with the face-to-face attention only a small Houston area company can provide. Houston Security Services Include: Centron Security offers… Read More »

Retail Security Theft Prevention

There’s an old saying, “Locks only keep out the honest people.”  In retail, this is absolutely the truth.  There have been a lot of studies into the behaviors of people that commit crimes such as vandalism and theft.   These studies provide valuable insights as to practical ways we can prevent and discourage theft at our… Read More »

Corporate Security Services

Let’s face it; VIP’s are not just people who walk down a red carpet amid throngs of popping flashbulbs and screaming fans.  Today’s VIP may be the CEO of your corporation, or the keynote speaker at your next big industry convention.  Corporate security encompasses many images, from the gentleman opening up the door to the… Read More »

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Security Guard

If you’ve done your homework and researched the security companies that you have been considering, following the advice we gave in our last article: A Guide to Hiring a Security Guard Service ,  you will probably have a short list of companies that made the cut.  Performing due diligence in choosing the right security company… Read More »

Unarmed Security Guards Houston

Centron Security is a leading security services firm in Houston, Texas.  This article is designed to offer insight into unarmed security guards. It explains job requirements, training, and job duties. Centron Security can help with all of your unarmed security guard needs.  Please call Jeffery Singletary at 281-664-1297 for a complimentary security consultation. Unarmed Security… Read More »