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By | March 17, 2011

Centron Security is a leading security services firm in Houston, Texas.  This article is designed to offer insight into unarmed security guards. It explains job requirements, training, and job duties. Centron Security can help with all of your unarmed security guard needs.  Please call Jeffery Singletary at 281-664-1297 for a complimentary security consultation.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are guards who protect properties and or individuals without the use of a fire arm. An unarmed security guard’s main job is to make rounds on a property, monitor and report any abnormal happenings that have been observed. Aside from these basic functions, they can also assist in giving proper directions around the facility to citizens who need help. In some cases, unarmed security guards are even tasked with receiving packages and signing papers on behalf of the employer while on duty.

Requirements to Become an Unarmed Security Guard

The most important asset that we look for when hiring a person for an unarmed security guard position is the ability communicate clearly and quickly.  A nice presentable appearance is another basic requirement for the job. Some high school education is also required; however a high school diploma is not necessary. The applicant must also pass a drug test and be physically fit. He or she must also be able to pass criminal background checks.

Training for an Unarmed Security Guard

Training an unarmed security guard is very different from training an armed one. As they don’t deal with firearms, the unarmed security guards’ primary weapon is effective communication. Thus, proper training in effective communication is a must for these kinds of security guards. On-the-site training is given to the security guard by a supervisor. This would include walking with the guard throughout the facility and working with him for a few hours. Training on how to operate some electronic equipment may also be provided by the employer. Employers might also provide additional training on particular company ethics, as well as company policies. An unarmed security guard has to complete 45 hours of training, which should be completed on his first 100 days of work. Within these first 100 days, he or she should also be able to pass a proficiency examination in order to receive a training certification for the job.

Typical Job Situations for Unarmed Security Guards

Some typical assignments for unarmed security officers might include apartments, parks, construction sites, and malls.  They can be assigned to do either static or patrol duties, or even both. Patrol duties are situated towards the particular venue.  Patrols might be done while walking, riding horseback, or from a motorized vehicle.  Aside from their most common service, to guard establishments and people, these guards can also serve at help desks. As they are trained to communicate effectively, they will be effective in providing customers and citizens with information regarding the company that these guards work for.

Benefits of Hiring an Unarmed Security Guard

Unarmed security guards offer lower salary expenses for the employer, as compared to armed security guards. These security guards are good for businesses which are situated in relatively peaceful environments. Hiring security guards that are armed could put some stress on the residents of these areas, which is why it is sometimes a better solution to place unarmed officers. With these security guards, there is little to no issue on the safety of guns in the workplace as there are no guns involved. Unarmed security guards also contribute to a more relaxed environment both for the clients and the people in the area.

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