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Centron Security Guard Disrupts Burglary

4/27/11:  Congratulations go out to the fine security officers of Centron Security in Houston. Officer Bursby recently disrupted a burglary which resulted in a return of all of the stolen goods.

Centron Security Sends Thieves to the Slammer

On Mar. 30, 2008, a Centron Security officer foiled the plans of two would-be thieves when he caught them trying to steal from the Satterfield and Pontikes construction site he was patrolling.

Singletary, owner of Centron said the two men had earlier roused the officers' suspicions when they circled the construction site several times in their van.

When the van finally stopped, the men jumped out and used a bolt-cutter to pop the lock on the trailer that held the site's supplies and materials.

"That was as far as they got before they saw the officer and took off," said Singletary. "But he followed them and caught them before they could get away."

The Centron security officer detained the thieves until the Fort Bend County Police arrived to arrest the two men.

"Centron is great at what they do," said the site's Superintendent Andy Schwartz. "We were, and still are, lucky to have them, and I would recommend their services to anyone."