Background Screening Houston

Background Screening Houston

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For Background Screening Houston You Can depend on Centron Security

Background Screening Houston

Protect the integrity of your Business
Minimize the risk of workplace violence
Gain Insight to make the Smart Choice

Background Screening HoustonCentron offers a wide variety of business employment and background screening solutions that can be customized to fit your company needs.

The integrity of your business is dependent on the integrity of the people that you hire. Centron’s Background Screening Solution will deliver you the most accurate, timely, quality information that is available in order for you to make the best hiring decision. Studies have shown that a large majority of applicants lie on their application. Our researchers will work diligently to verify your applicant’s information and give you the opportunity to review past behavior prior to employment.

We will verify that the applicant is the person on the application. This will also trace unreported addresses by the applicant, helping to identify states where the applicant may have a criminal record.


Criminal records of previous arrest and convictions can help protect businesses from negligent hiring lawsuits and reduce the risk of workplace violence.


With so many people purchasing degrees online, it is important to make sure that the applicants education was received from a valid accredited school or university.


This search will provide information on judgments, bankruptcies and pending suits.


We will search at the state level jurisdiction based on the addresses that surface in the SSN Trace, and we search the jurisdiction corresponding with each address searches real-time web-based data bases retrieving only the most up to date records directly from the courthouse.


Searches include criminal convictions or pending charges for violations of federal law.


This search checks to see if applicants have been convicted of sex crimes.


This search covers homeland security Watch Lists to ensure that your applicant is not on a Terrorist List.


This is a search of various state and county records from all 50 states and includes data from courts, sexual offender registries and department of correction records.


This search will make sure that the applicant has a valid driver's license and verifies driving history along with any violations.

This search provides detailed information about the applicant’s credit history including accounts, payment history, liabilities and public record information such as: bankruptcy, judgments, liens and collections. Also provided are current and former addresses, employers, and names as reported by financial institutions to the credit bureau.



With Every Background Screening We provide:

  • Quick Turnaround Time With Accurate Results
  • Automated Online System With 24 Hour Access
  • Great Customer Service

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