Construction Site Security

Centron Security provides construction site security services to all of Houston and the surrounding communities.

Construction Site Security Houston

Centron Security understands that construction projects have their own set of individual security needs. These types of sites require experienced security to evaluate and carry out plans to secure sites, the supplies contained inside of the sites, and most importantly, the people that work in the sites.

We believe the best way to reduce risk is to always be prepared. We accomplish this by analyzing the situation, suggesting a plan of action, appointing measures aimed at meeting security objectives, and then properly monitoring the ongoing operation.Looking for Construction Site Security?  Contact Centron Security in Houston for a site assessment and security services consultation 281-664-1297.

The protection of staff, supplies and property at construction sites may vary from other security situations, but we are armed with the technology and personnel that can safely and securely protect all kinds of construction sites.

We customize a security solution that protects the site 24 hours a day. This includes security command centers in trailers, alarms, and other specialized equipment to make sure that all areas of the site are covered.

Construction Site Security Services Include:

  • Uniformed Armed Guards
  • Uniformed Unarmed Guards
  • Off Duty Police Officers
  • Visitor and Employee identification
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Vehicle Patrols

To learn more about our construction site security services, please call Jeffery Singletary now for a no-obligation consultation 281-664-1297. You can call Jeffery anytime, 24-hours a day. Or, if you prefer, fill out our contact form and we’ll call you.

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