Security Officer Training Houston

Centron Security trains guards to deliver first-class security. You get quality, professional security services because we employ quality, professional people. We start by choosing the right officers and follow up with intensive training.

To ensure that our staff of full-time security guards meets our stringent standards, Centron Security utilizes a rigorous hiring process to evaluate:

  • Background checks
  • Work experience
  • Educational history

Once we’re sure we’ve selected a quality officer, we train them in our specific security methods and tactics including education and instruction on:

  • Crime prevention
  • Crime awareness
  • Emergency response
  • Terrorist patrol
  • Legal aspects of security
  • Use of force

Knowledgeable Supervisors Streamline Service

Security Officer Training Houston

Our quality security guards are assisted in the field by experienced Centron Security supervisors. Our supervisors maintain a thorough knowledge of each account and are capable of resolving unexpected security issues. By working side-by-side with uniformed security guards and continuously evaluating officers’ on-the-job performances, Centron Security supervisors make sure you receive streamlined, professional security guard services.

For more information, please send an email to or give us a call at 281-256-8130 anytime – we’re on call 24 hours a day.